Individualized Career Planning

A Key Element in Your Student's Success

An ICP provides each student with a holistic roadmap to support his or her journey through Insight School of Michigan and onward to postsecondary opportunities.

Developed in partnership with the student's family and Insight staff, the ICP captures course plans, personal interests, and a student's college and career aspirations. For a struggling student, the ICP takes on even greater importance.

Typically led by your student’s school counselor, the ICP team creates a unique plan for each child, designed to organize and properly sequence your student's coursework while articulating his or her academic strengths and challenges. Some students are ready to move more quickly in one subject but need extra help in others. The ICP establishes a strategy to help make the right choices for your student.

A crucial element is our unique assessment testing.

We use leading evaluation methods to clearly identify and monitor your student's strengths and challenges:

  • Each child takes benchmark tests to diagnose strengths and challenges.
  • We include, but go beyond, state testing with a focus on fine-tuning exactly what each child needs.
  • We develop realistic learning objectives and a comprehensive, customized plan to reach goals, and monitor progress.
  • Ongoing testing is administered, as needed, to ensure each child is making progress toward goals: this is a powerful aspect of our individualized approach, as it enables teachers and parents to know how much progress a child is actually making.

The ICP goes beyond academic objectives to include postsecondary goals for college and/or a career.

Educational Development Plan

An Educational Development Plan (EDP) is a tool that helps students plan for their post-school goals. Students are required, by state law, to have an EDP before high school. The tool helps students think long term about their goals, come up with assessments on how to gauge success, and make a plan of action which could include high school course selections, applicable certifications, college plans, and more.

Insight Michigan works with students to develop new or adapt existing EDPs and students are encouraged to discuss their goals and plans with their Learning Coaches and school counselors.