Student Support Services Team

The Student Support Services Team (SSST) empowers students to overcome challenges—be they academic, social, emotional, medical, or otherwise—to succeed in school and beyond. This holistic approach includes early intervention, support services, and linking families to school and community-based resources. SSST members and teachers work with families to provide the extra help needed to enable students to stay motivated and on track.


Advisor Contact Information 

Advisors are always the first contact to make.  They will help you with the answer, or direct you to who has the answer. 

                                                                                               Call or Text at:  

9th         Meg Hansen           x7816       517-325-5787

10th       Christine Danker     x6095       517-507-5942

11th      Amanda Kirkpatrick  x7817     517-481-2615

12th      Lucy Thao               x7814              517-481-4007

Extension for Office Number 517.580.0020


Title I Family Involvement Policy

Download the Title I Family Involvement Policy [PDF]